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Mahale Mountains National Park

The Mahale Mountains crown the western border of Tanzania, in the heart of Africa, on Lake Tanganyika.

At 450 miles long, Lake Tanganyika is the world's longest and least explored lake. The mountains, rising to an elevation of 8,071 ft. are truly remote, 120 miles from the nearest road and accessible only by boat.

Wildlife and Game Viewing in Mahale Mountains National Park

The lush tropical rainforest covering their slopes is home to the largest group of free-living chimpanzees in the world - over 1000 strong. These chimps have been entirely habituated to human contact over a 39-year period, the result of work by Japanese researchers. Each chimp has been named, its family ties identified, and its individual behavior studied. Visitors can approach to within a few feet as they feed, groom and wrestle across the forest floor.

The mountains are also inhabited by eight other species of primate as well as bushbuck, warthog, bushpig, brush-tailed porcupine, duikers, civit and genet cats. The bird life is fascinating in its variety, with many West African species found here.

Accommodation in Mahale Mountains National Park

There is only one suitable guest accommodation, a beautiful tented camp located along the sandy beaches of the lake, with the mountains as its backdrop. Visitors must arrive by charter aircraft and boat.

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